The Foundation:

Builds a permanent endowment that ensures funding to enhance the lives of women and girls in Oklahoma for generations to come.

Creates statewide awareness of the barriers to economic self-sufficiency and supports systems to eliminate those barriers.

Our Mission

The Women’s Foundation of Oklahoma has committed to provide ongoing support to programs, projects, and initiatives that broaden Oklahoma women and girls’ access to opportunities and increase their success.


Our History

Merle Chambers’ family was one of many that profited from the oil and gas industry in Oklahoma, Wyoming, Montana and North Dakota. In an effort to say thank you to these states, Merle had a strong desire to give back. As president of Chambers Family Fund, she is accustomed to giving away money. Her desire, however, was to do more than just give away money, she wanted to make a real change. After learning the dire situation of women in each of these states, Merle gave back in a big way by founding four women’s foundations.

The Women’s Foundation of Oklahoma, an endowed fund at Communities Foundation of Oklahoma, was established in 2003 with a challenge grant from Chambers Family Fund with a priority to build a permanent resource for women and girls. To allow people to feel real ownership, Merle challenged the Women’s Foundation advisory board to raise $500,000 in five years to be matched dollar for dollar…a goal reached a year early. During these building years, Chambers Family Fund contributed $25,000 for operating expenses and another $50,000 a year to allow for immediate grantmaking.

Since inception, the Women’s Foundation of Oklahoma has invested over $725,000 through grants to organizations focused on the economic self-sufficiency for women and brighter futures for our state’s girls with over $400,000 supporting educational opportunities for single mother/parent students on Oklahoma higher education campuses.

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Advisory Board  

  • Jana Moring, Chair
  • Lauren Fleenor, Vice Chair
  • Ruth Boyd
  • Heather Burrage
  • Amy Cataldi
  • Pat Gallagher
  • Teri Mora
  • Lisa Pitsiri
  • Shawnae Robey


  • Teresa Rose, Executive Director
  • Erika Warren, Director of Programs and Services 
  • Rachael Hunter, Director of Communications
  • Amber Shelton, Grants Manager