Domestic Violence Intervention Services, $10,000

To provide a joint research project with the University of Oklahoma’s Applied Research Program evaluating the relationship between emotional intelligence and behavioral change readiness of batterers, and to develop focused emotional intelligence curriculum training based on research results.

Family & Children’s Services, $10,000

To adapt and implement CHOICES curriculum for programs serving Hispanic girls ages 6 – 14.

Oklahoma Alliance of Girl Scouts, $10,000

To convene the eight Girl Scouts councils serving Oklahoma to build on efficiencies through collaborative efforts and frame strategies for sharing resources across councils.

Resonance/F.O.R.C.E., $4,000

To provide technical assistance through an advocacy consultant to assist in focusing board on change initiatives including access to vote, eliminating discriminatory housing, employment obstacles, and revocation of cosmetology licenses.

Legal Aid Services of Oklahoma, $14,500

To (1) implement the 2004 Law Project WFO grant, expand its scope to include a summary and compile, summarize and publish all Oklahoma laws affecting women in the vital areas of education, employment, domestic relations, domestic violence, probate and estates, insurance, criminal justice, government benefits, consumer protection and housing, and (2) to compile and publish an inventory of all resources available to Oklahoma women.

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