Girl Scots of Magic Empire Council, $10,000

To expand the Girl Scout program at Turley Correctional Center to Hillside and Eddie Warrior Correctional Centers.

Housing Partners of Tulsa, $1,600

To provide curriculum materials for girls programs at each of Tulsa’s public housing sites.

Langston University, $5,000

To develop a model program to serve single mothers in order that they may attend and complete college.

Oklahoma Native American Legal Resources, $5,000

To provide legislative advocacy training and building of a grassroots organization for Native American women.

Norman Alcohol Information Center, $5,000

To develop needs assessment and obtain gender specific data related to the needs of female adolescents in El Reno regarding substance abuse and related risk behaviors.

Northwest Domestic Crisis Services, $6,200

To equip computer lab for women in domestic violence shelter for use as they attend Northwestern Oklahoma State University in Alva.

Oklahoma Council on Economic Education, $15,000

To expand financial literacy training for programs in alternative schools, correctional facilities, and Smart Start communities and train trainers in communities to assist in further program replication.

Wichita Mountains Prevention Network, $6,000

To expand Girl Power programs into Lawton middle schools.

Citizen’s Policy Center, $15,000 (Special Project)

To create policy report focusing on evaluating the current status of economic opportunities in Oklahoma and providing policy solutions to improve individuals’ economic self-sufficiency.

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